Just salaries in unequal conditions: An exploratory factorial survey study in Chile.


What are the criteria for evaluating occupational earnings as just or unjust? The International Social Justice Project survey (2007) includes for the first time a factorial survey module about the justice of earnings, specifically designed for the case of Chile. The use of this type of survey allows for determining the relative weight that individuals assign to different determinants in the evaluation of a just earning. Based on the analysis of this survey – applied to a sample of 189 Santiago residents – the present paper is aimed at exploring the influence of variables such as occupational status, sex, educational level, ethnic description, and family composition in the determination of a just earning. The results of this exploratory study are discussed in the framework of the socioeconomic situation of Chile, one of the countries with the highest income inequality worldwide.

Cuadernos ISUC, 1(2) 1–30