Stability and Change in Political Right-Wing Groups in Chile: Understanding the Shift among Right Wingers to the Center

Profesor Guía: Héctor Carvacho


Based on the five trajectories of political identification developed by Carvacho et al. (in preparation), the present work aims to explain the stability and change of two right-wing groups: one that remains stable in its political identification, and one that changes to identify with the political center in the present. We aim to explain this phenomenon by analyzing political socialization conditions that could predict the outcome of belonging to either group. Participants’ data was drawn from a study panel led by Haye, Psychosocial Study of the Political Culture in Three Chilean Generations, and it consists of participants’ self-reported answers to an interview based on a questionnaire. Even though the actual sample of the study is problematic (n1=232, n2= 27), we offer strategies to solve the problem. The analysis proposed here is to prove the difference between both groups with a MANOVA, and to make a logistic regression with the socialization variables as predictors of group outcome.