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I use software compatible with the principles of open science, this is, free and open source.

  • My operating system is Linux, I use Ubuntu with Gnome-Cairo Dock. A lot of freedom for customization … and looks great.

  • For general statistical analysis and reporting I work in R, using packages for data science from Tidyverse.

  • For more specific analysis: I use lme4 for multilevel models and Lavaan for SEM.

  • I also use R’s reproducibility tools as Knitr & Rmarkdown … before I used to be a fan of LaTeX, but the simplicity and efficiency of Markdown seems unbeatable, even for presentations with tools such as remark & Xaringan .

  • For writing (and almost for everything so far) I use Atom editor. Just great, and smooth with Git/Github.

  • Here a good introduction to version control with (plain) Git from: Blischack & Wilson, 2016

Data analysis

Data preparation & modeling

-Measurement invariance in the social sciences


Reporting, workflows & communication

-Writing a scientific article: A step-by-step guide for beginners